Truffle season runs throughout July & August (into early September)

In 2017, our truffle is be available through;

  • our Online shop, with delivery via express post
    or courier (metropolitan only)

  • Farm Gate -Sales & Order Collection
    • {no orchard walks}
    • opening hours to be determined weekly by workload and demand, Base hours are Saturday 3-5pm
    • Extra hours; Sun 6th August 11am-2pm
  • any other current Retail & Wholesale outlets, including Melbourne CBD, are also listed on the store's Our Stores page

Contact Us to arrange supply.

2017 Season Notes, possibly slow update, time is short.

  • Great truffle continuing through August, & early September looks likely. Excess truffle supply going to manufacturing (above wholesaler's price offerings), and being ground for spore & other truffle improving experiments.
  • 16th to 19th, locate & harvest. Great truffles! but a lousy market
  • 10th to 12th, Severe frost damage showing on a few, but it also triggered ripening on many. with great aromas developing over 2-3weeks. We can detect ripening and estimate quality from 4 weeks.
  • A decent harvest 4th-6th July, properly ripe and start of higher volume production. initial 6-10kg. Unfortunately market trashed by price dumping. Exports mostly cancelled, only a portion shipped. This batch to be ground up or frozen.
  • Lani's on the job over the next few days for a survey. -1/6/2017
  • She's marked a couple that are nearly edible, dark, low aroma and a hint of flavour -2/6/2017
  • We hunted one third of trees today, with a couple of truffles taken for further evaluation (possibly worth eating, definitely not good enough to sell). Light aromas and colours are widely present, Our Truffle Season looks to commence properly within the next two weeks. Further surveys over weekend and early next week will give a better indication of release date. 15th June 2017]

Season progression, an approximation:

May-June truffles begin ripening;
... early June a few truffles possibly worth eating, mashed potato, egg are appropriate dishes, but shouldn't be sold
.... June -early truffles good enough to sell with qualification on appropriate dishes
If you want great truffle, wait till it's peak season. If you can't wait, acknowledge it's not going to be 100%, wherever you may buy it from.
.... late June/July start of properly ripe truffle displaying all the proper qualities of flavour and aroma
.... July/August Peak Season
... August/(September) tail end of season, reducing harvest volume and concerns about warm weather ending season early.

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