Truffle season has started!

Next weeks schedule: Sunday 25/6 survey(find but not touch),
Mon 26/6 harvest#1, Tues 27/6 Online orders shipped, supporting work, Harvest #2,
Wed 28/6 CBD/Valley/export deliveries
Thur survey, Fri Harvest#3, local delivery,
Sat export delivery, Survey, Harvest & Farm gate sales

A small amount of truffle was worth harvesting this past week, and went to a couple of established clients, {with a single 20g salvage piece retained for eating this weekend, we weren't the first to eat our own truffle!}
Online Store will open for orders this weekend 24-25/6, and farm-gate sales on the 1st July 2017.
{site components being updated throughout weekend} -23/6

Season progression, an approximation:
May-June truffles begin ripening;
... early June a few truffles possibly worth eating, mashed potato, egg are appropriate dishes
.... June -early truffles good enough to sell with qualification on appropriate dishes
.... late June/July start of properly ripe truffle displaying all the proper qualities of flavour and aroma
.... July/August Peak Season
... August/(September) tail end of season, reducing harvest volume and concerns about warm weather ending season.
If you want great truffle, wait till it's peak season. If you can't wait, acknowledge it's not going to be 100%, wherever you may buy it from.

Quite a few aroma's have been developing, there was a cold snap start of June, it's offically winter, and anticipation is rising.

  • Lani's on the job over the next few days for a survey. -1/6/2017
  • She's marked a couple that are nearly edible, dark, low aroma and a hint of flavour -2/6/2017
  • We hunted one third of trees today, with a couple of truffles taken for further evaluation (possibly worth eating, definitely not good enough to sell). Light aromas and colours are widely present, Our Truffle Season looks to commence properly within the next two weeks. Further surveys over weekend and early next week will give a better indication of release date. 15th June 2017]

In 2017, our truffle will be available through;

  • Retail & Wholesale outlets, including Melbourne CBD, these will be listed closer to season
  • our Online shop, with delivery via express post
  • Farm Gate -Sales & Order Collection
    • {no orchard walks}
    • opening hours to be determined weekly by workload and demand
      Eg. Wed?, Sat 4-6pm

Contact Us to arrange supply.

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