2018 Truffle season closed

Season ran into September, with final sales at Farm Gate 15,16th.

Warm weather has reduced quality of final truffles as expected, so sales have ceased.

Farm gate sales during season, Google Page, Map and this week's Open Hours

Online sales closed, Farm Gate sales closed

Season progress in 2018

A final spell of cold weather late August, early September spurred a final flush of ripening deeper truffles. Followed by a week of high temperatures in mid-September, the aromatic qualities correspondingly reduced, so sales have ceased. Final truffles are filling orders for spore material, and some personal cooking experiments developing experience with recipes suited to end of season truffles.

At the end of August there is definitely September truffle beginning to ripen and some still fully unripe, however it's survival and eventual harvest will depend weather. A few warm days can be tolerated if the nights remain cold and there are some protective measures that can be taken with ripening truffles that have been located.

August saw an improvement in truffle quality, but damage from July weather has continued to present itself. The good ones are great truffles, the lost ones were mostly shallower and more vulnerable.

There was an unexpectedly slow increase in production throughout July, likely the consequences of a warm summer that extended into May. The exact factors in properly ripe truffle are not determined, we only have some general ideas of frosts, and daily minimum temperatures required for harvest start and continuation. Losses to warm evenings and days in July were substantial.

Harvesting commenced slowly in last week of June.

27th June, first very small harvest of good truffle. This will go to regular clients. With a lot of ripening truffle already marked, season should kick off as expected next week.... {it didn't}

18th June, expecting something worth eating end of the week. Tried one last Tuesday 12th it wasn't worthwhile.

6th June, there's some aroma's from truffles that will be good in a few weeks, but nothing worth eating yet. At the moment, the ones with a little aroma have no better flavour than a portobello mushroom. Which leads to the quote below....

"Truffles are only really good after Christmas*.....So let us allow ignorant fops, beardless gourmands, and inexperienced palates the perry triumph of eating the first truffles."
Grimod de La Reynière -Wikipedia

As the originator of food reviews and magazines in the early 1800's, he defined it perfectly. He also defined the modern interpretation of gourmand and gourmet, which were previously associated with simple gluttony.

*In Australia 'Christmas truffle' equates to post winter solstice (~22nd June), before that -IF present, they are ok IF you know how to use them well, but they lack the true truffle wow factor.

We will probably have some truffle in June depending on weather. Anything worth eating will be farm gate sales only, with suggestions on getting the most from it, some dishes simply don't work with early season truffles.

It's a shame the food industry demands truffles before the season truly commences as it results in many "I tried it once, didn't like it" experiences. Yet by half way through the season when production peaks, there's a drop in demand, as much of the enthusiasm was wasted on the early junk. Social media is full of brown coloured truffle at this time, and even into the season proper. There's a good reason the name is Black Winter Truffle, not brown, it's the colour of the Ripe Spores.

This may sound like evangelising, but it would be quite simple for us to also harvest too early. Far easier in fact than continually monitoring ripening truffle, rather than harvesting at first aroma, with increased losses to insects, weather etc. These losses are often 25% or greater in the final weeks of ripening.

A major producer has recently stated that "ripe truffle" can be left in the ground for a couple of weeks, and this can assist extending the market season. They are partially correct, unripe truffle can be left in the ground for several weeks... until it is properly ripe. What a surprising fact! The optimal harvest window for prime quality is only a few days, it deteriorates after that, much like vine ripened tomatoes. Their harvesting method also puts dogs over designated trees fortnightly and cannot realise a truffles potential, but no doubt reduces harvesting costs and losses substantially.

In the 2017 season, our truffle was available through;

  • our Online shop, with delivery via express post
    or courier (metropolitan only)
    • final online shipment was 20th September
  • Farm Gate -Sales & Order Collection
    • {no orchard walks}
    • we closed for season from 17th September 2017

Contact Us to arrange supply.

Season progression, an approximation:

May-June truffles begin ripening;
... early June a few truffles possibly worth eating, mashed potato, egg are appropriate dishes, but shouldn't be sold
.... June -early truffles good enough to sell with qualification on using in appropriate dishes
If you want great truffle, wait till it's peak season. If you can't wait, understand it's not going to be 100%, wherever you may buy it from.
.... late June/July start of properly ripe truffle displaying all the proper qualities of flavour and aroma
.... July/August Peak Season
... late August/early September reducing harvest volume and concerns about warm weather ending season early.
... September tail end of season,
2016=7thSept, 2017=21stSept

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