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Email is preferred contact method during truffle harvest season. Daylight hours are precious.


{Mobile has long ring & with no voicemail}

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To date, 08-Feb-2024, we have helped identify
126,874 spam emails through Project HoneyPot measures on this page, which help global efforts to identify web-robot contact harvesters.

We are all experiencing, the upsurge of cold callers, who are mostly scammers. They substantially impact work hours, therefore business costs!
The contact details publicly presented here are exclusively for our current and future customers.
They are not to be used for any marketing purpose, or resale to third parties as a potential "customer" ie. victim.
Our details are registered on the Do Not Call register.

Our policy is to never deal with any cold callers, and if you do contact us to sell, market, survey or otherwise require our time for communication by any medium, despite the clear unwillingness to participate declared above, by doing so, you agree to pay a minimum $100 AUD fee for the first 5 minutes of our time, and thereafter, a $100/hour off-season, or $2000/hour during June-August. By initiating the communication you also forfeit any protections or immunities you may have to not provide the required financial compensation. By non-exclusive example, political parties, charity's or foreign owned companies outside Australian jurisdiction. Ie. Waste our time, pay for it!

Yarra Valley Truffles

Farm Address: Farm Gate Sales during truffle season
70 Owens Rd, Woori Yallock, VIC 3139 Australia {non postal}


  • Farmgate sales will open mid-June, only once quality is good,
    Truffle season typically ends by early September

Google Page, Map and confirm this week's Open Hours

Farm Gate

  • Appointment by arrangment throughout the year for Snap frozen truffle and any other products.


Postal Address:
Yarra Valley Truffles
PO Box 523
Yarra Junction
VIC 3797 Australia

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