Truffled French Style Scrambled Eggs (with Caviar)

French style scrambled eggs, "Oeufs Brouilles" meaning curdled eggs, similar to scrambled eggs but done in a double boiler with care taken to avoid setting the eggs too firm. The result is similar to the yolk of a very soft poached egg, and is wonderful at carrying the truffle flavour to the tongue. It is well worth the extra effort.
There are other methods available, such as chilled butter and a single pan, a quick search will find them.

Truffled scrambled egg, with caviar side

Prep Time: 12 Hours Cook Time: 10 Minutes


3 eggs, Truffle infused overnight ( infusing aroma into an egg without using actual truffle, a 20 to 30g truffle is best for 3 eggs)
  Alternatively, 1 gram A-grade truffle per egg, shaved into melted butter,

Lower grade and older truffles may need a little more for best results.
{ie. pre-season, or ones that have been depleted by time/infusions for a week}

10g (1/2 tblsp) butter

20g (1 tblsp) cooking cream,

Salt (to taste, but salt definitely required)

Caviar (optional) "Oeufs brouillés à la truffe noire, au caviar", has a nice sound to it. "Black truffle scrambled eggs, with caviar."


Break eggs (or cut ends off, see below) into a bowl, whisk thoroughly.

Melt the butter in the saucepan, and, If using truffle directly, shave the truffle into the butter, add the salt, mix and leave to extract flavourfor a few minutes.

In a bowl, whisk the eggs and cream, and optionally through a sieve, stir them into to the melted butter.
Place the small saucepan inside a
larger saucepan with gently simmering water (*Bain marie)
Stir constantly until the eggs begin to set to a cake batter consistency (about ten minutes), and remove from the heat. They will continue to thicken a little.
Do not let them set too firm. If truffled eggs set too firm the flavour impact is definitely reduced.

Serving Suggestions

  • Serve on nice sourdough toast, and garnish with a few truffle slices
  • Caviar seems best as a side serve, on the same fork, the caviar tastes 3 times stronger, the truffle flavour is hidden.
  • I've also tried a sourdough toast with caraway seeds, a great combination. (probably best to skip the caviar in this case)
  • For a more dramatic presentation, cut pointed ends off eggs and clean under tap, dry. Use them as serving vessel in an egg cup for the truffled egg mixture. Garnish top with a truffle slice or caviar. Serve with fingers of toast.


*Bain marie -is a designed double boiler, however a small saucepan inside a larger one works for double boiling. For eggs, don't actually boil the water as it tends to set the egg faster than you can stir. It's better to take to nearly a simmer temp, and then set heat low for quiet simmering.

-updated July 2023