About Us

Growing truffles in Victoria's Yarra Valley, we utilise a natural environment approach. Our belief is replicating and fostering the natural development is the key to producing the most aromatic & flavourful truffles, and that a premium product such as truffles should be fully natural, without use of herbicide or pesticide sprays.


Lani the Truffle Dog is current star of the team. Partly due to cuteness, and primarily due to her burgeoning skills in locating ripe truffle. Her high prey drive encompasses a continual search for, truffles, Rabbits and hazelnuts.

A new apprentice dog joined the team in 2018, and Jäger was finding truffles consistently by mid season at just 7 months old (but naturally became exhausted after ten minutes hunting). He is expected to contribute substantially to the canine efforts in 2019.

Without the truffle dogs, it's not quite impossible to find which truffles are ripe, but humans must resort to kneeling down and sniffing/inspecting all the truffles which have been located, marked and protected pre-season by surface indications.
Eg. The 2015 season proved this to be possible, but not feasible, causing a long lasting limp for the rest of the year.

Stuart -the human part of the team.

With a scientific background, he uses an observational and analytical approach to truffle growing. {ie. wastes a lot of time dissecting damaged truffles, making notes etc. while dogs get bored}

This has resulted in a growing understanding of all things truffle. Observation and experimentation is an ongoing effort, with some semi-formal research as well, both internal and collaborative.

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