Truffle Hunts

Additional events under current consideration;

  • pre-season orchard visit for the curious (Eg. spot the truffle, it can be done without dogs)
  • a few trial orchard views on farm gate days, minus lengthy hunt components
  • ...
  • In 2018 we held a Truffle Hunt, a Truffle Dinner and a Truffle Hunt/Lunch. They were well received and enjoyable days, thanks to all who attended.

    Focal points of these hunts are learning about how truffles grow, and how this relates to selecting and using them effectively in your own cooking.
    Bookings via our online store
  • Truffle hunts are squeezed into a busy winter harvest schedule primarily as a public education exercise, with some hopes they may expand our repeat farm gate sales
  • We are currently Victoria's biggest producer of black truffle, (as well as producers of the worlds biggest Perigord Black Winter Truffle 1.5kg, August 2016)

Visit the Yarra Valley -a gateway site listing some Yarra Valley Attractions, Food, and Accommodation links Gumboots have a lot to do with Truffle Harvesting. In July, a number of vineyards offer various specials, such as 15% off wine purchases to Gumboot Wearers!


  • Contact for hourly or daily rates.

Casual visits at other times are not available.

  • Agritourism is not part of our business profile at this time, so farm visits are currently limited to a few special events only.

Future considerations;

For a simple see a truffle orchard and dog "experience", a quick session alongside weekend farm gate sales. Not an actual hunt, just a look at the orchard and quick talk.
For information on truffle growing, a farm day/growers session would be more useful, also under consideration for early Spring, end of season.
With these two additional activities; the simple "see an orchard" agritourism experiences would be more convenient and cheaper, and less time demanding during harvest
and the grower sessions could provide more applicable information out of season.