Truffle Events 2023 -Winter Update

We planned to revise what to offer besides farmgate sales during Autumn/Winter/Spring... April 2023
But it is now Winter, season has started and there is less time to explore minor side options 24thJune2023

There will NOT be ticketed public hunts during peak harvest season this year. We lose too much time and even truffle.

  • If you truly wish an exclusive private hunt experience, that recompenses our potential loss of harvest, then please enquire directly. {think of an exclusive personal experience, champagne, caviar, baked truffles and other trufflegrower type luxuries, cooking lessons/meal at a food processing approved kitchen/venue nearby... with a price that might compensate for several kgs of lost harvest time.}
    [That is our reality farming a delicate, sensitive product with a tight harvest window for peak quality, rather than grabbing anything with a marketable aroma.
    10(x5) critical hours per week, for 8 core weeks, for a years income. Lose one hour from one critical stage (eg. hunting) = 5 hours from a harvest week, = 30 hours worth of annual income

  • We will be linking some dinner events by third parties utilising our truffles, and some partial collaborations.
  • Whether we will host any cooking masterclasses during our busy time remains to be seen. We like the idea, and have a potential venue. Express your interest via email.


Truffle Events 2022 -Update

  • A few cooking class/meals ARE still being considered for this year depending on resources/facilities -16/5/22

    • These would be priced as higher end events, likely only as private sessions, and would include a Genuine Truffle Hunt, with a substantial Take Home Truffle component to encourage further home cooking.
      • While we decide whether to list such an option, feel free to enquire directly for small groups or clubs.
      • {Whereas, Hunt experiences generally only gain once off tourist visits, we would prefer repeat customers that return each year}
  • General Truffle Hunt "experiences", with guests entering the orchard during harvest season are (2022-UNDER FINAL CONSIDERATION, BUT LIKELY NOT) not planned this year.
    • Simply put they cost too much to conduct, with lost harvest time, foot damage, etc. and generally fail to gain long term customers
    • Hunt experiences are better suited to hobby farms or agri-tourism focused businesses. Although, this may need to change in future years as the longer term truffle market becomes clearer and future business direction is decided.
      Ie. More likely should this business be sold, it appears with feasible labour costs, you can only sell commercialy viable amounts of great truffles or sell truffle hunt experiences, not both!
  • A High Tea alongside the Truffière occurred in 2021, but not in 2022

    • This event was covered in Better Homes and Gardens, and was quite an attractive idea/experience/concept.
    • However, should you have seen a repeat of the episode, this won't be repeated in 2022, on top of the disasters of lockdowns, we never received a cent from the ticket prices, and only a small amount of truffle was purchased for guest's food. We cannot sacrifice harvest time/resources to such experiences for free, 50 hours effort by us (including tying down windblown igloos in a pre-dawn storm)
    • There was also just 110g truffle purchased by the operator over 2mths, =far too little truffle per guest... which affects our reputation. Lovely presentation of a high tea event, but an under-satisfactory usage of truffle for guests who expected a notable truffle component...
    • as the grower, there are easier ways to lose time/money

Truffle events are squeezed into a busy winter harvest schedule primarily as a public education exercise, with some hopes they may expand our customer base and farm gate sales

Visit the Yarra Valley -a gateway site listing some Yarra Valley Attractions, Food, and Accommodation links Gumboots have a lot to do with Truffle Harvesting. In July, a number of vineyards offer various specials, such as 15% off wine purchases to Gumboot Wearers!


  • Contact for hourly or daily rates

Casual visits at other times are not available.

  • Agritourism is not part of our business profile at this time, so farm visits are currently limited to a few special events only.