Truffle Events 2021

  • A High Tea alongside the Truffière -9th July to 22 July 2021

  • A few cooking class/meals are being considered for this year depending on resources/facilities.

    • These would be priced as higher end events, or possibly only as private sessions, and likely include a quick Orchard visit, with a substantial take home truffle component to encourage further home cooking. -updated 5th April

  • General Truffle Hunt "experiences", with guests entering the orchard during harvest season are not planned this year.
    • Simply put they cost too much to conduct, with lost harvest time, foot damage, etc. and generally fail to gain long term customers
    • Hunt experiences are better suited to hobby farms or agri-tourism focused businesses. Although, this may need to change in future years as the longer term truffle market becomes clearer and future business direction is decided.

Truffle events are squeezed into a busy winter harvest schedule primarily as a public education exercise, with some hopes they may expand our customer base and farm gate sales

Visit the Yarra Valley -a gateway site listing some Yarra Valley Attractions, Food, and Accommodation links Gumboots have a lot to do with Truffle Harvesting. In July, a number of vineyards offer various specials, such as 15% off wine purchases to Gumboot Wearers!


  • Contact for hourly or daily rates

Casual visits at other times are not available.

  • Agritourism is not part of our business profile at this time, so farm visits are currently limited to a few special events only.