Archived truffle notes, and harvest observations from the 2016 season

5th September -last harvest completed

Season continued into early September as predicted, however this weeks warm weather spells the end of any undiscovered truffles.

-last updated 6/9/16

HARVESTED; (unreserved and available)

  • {finer detail is no longer being posted as it's too time consuming}

CONFIRMED; (located, commenced ripening, but not yet ready)

  • All ripe truffle removed.

POTENTIAL; (sites paw marked by dog, but not yet exposed, due to either total lack of aroma, or too slight to disturb yet)

  • any remaining truffle will likely be destroyed by this weeks warm weather.
Not all truffles are detected early, deeper ones only make their presence known close to maturity when the dog can smell them, so the list above is only indicative of next harvest. Also any Time estimates of when a truffle will be ripe are approximate, ripening time varies by size, depth, location and weather.
  • Finer harvest detail is no longer being posted as it's time consuming, and of little benefit.
  • 1st August harvest was prevented by rain, trufs were harvested in two batches from 2am and 1pm Tuesday. There was a lot of damage from the warm weather in preceding week, but still a good supply. Half the truffiere, staggered harvest remains for orders later this week, more torchlight harvesting seems likely.
  • 11th/12th has been fantastic. Truffles harvested, ripening truffles located for confirmation next harvest. New truffles outnumber the little lost to rot (and the rabbit)
  • 10/7 Dawn survey, there's a lot more trees to cover, hopefully the rain holds off. Online Store is ready, third party testing underway, finalising tonight.
  • 9/7 Survey completed top third of truffiére. 282 trufs numbered. 10 rotten, replaced by 12 new discoveries.
    Some definites for Mon/Tues, more for mid-week, and a range of 1-2 week truffles ripening well. Top third covered, mid portion has ~60% of this year's known harvest, hopefully weather remains dry.
    Two primo trufs spotted so far. There is always variation in truffle qualities, these are exceptional truffles which are the equivalent of Reserve vintages. They already have great aroma to match extra/first class, but are too firm and at least a week remains until they reach their peak quality. This year these will be sold for a premium, eaten, or experimentally returned to truffiére to try and spread the extra quality.
  • 8/7 group of visiting chef's left with the first properly ripe truffle of the season.
  • 6/7/16 Further survey, in the few dry periods today confirmed the ready date as next week. Initial harvest is likely 40% of full weekly volume which will be attained within a week or two. If cold weather continues through August, the season may extend into September this year.
  • 5/7/16 10% trees surveyed, new trufs, new tree, ripening trufs (light & medium) but not as advanced as those deeper in the truffiére, continuing survey Wed.

Season start is always a little frustrating, properly ripe truffles always take a little longer than the more predictable mid season truffles. We now know to make allowances for this delay, and it is well worth the wait. Nature won't be hurried.

June tasks; -technically winter, but June is late Autumn this year

  • Monitor developing aroma's, and ripening of pre-season truffles;
    • 30/6/16 Medium aroma's present, potential for Wed 6th July -confirmation will be posted here, following week Tue 12th onwards is certain.
    • 26/6/16 The weekend's Antarctic blast has seen several frosts, and nearby snow. Perfect for kicking the truffles into gear, confirming signs should be present by mid week.
    • 20/6/16 There are some nice aromas developing on schedule, ripening seems on track for early to mid July season release.
    • 14/6/16 a nice frost, normal overnight temperatures forecast.
    • 11/6/16 some ripening colours and light aroma's, current best guess approx 3-4 weeks till season
  • Autumn leaves finally cleared towards the end of June, leaf litter was raked/mulched to reduce pest habitat. A few new truffles are still breaking surface each week, but ~75% already located and protected. Remainder will only be located when ripening and indicated by truffle dogs during season.
  • Time permitting;
    • Outside facilities & grading area
    • Coolroom construction for; -contingency ice, shipping storage, a mobile biological laboratory for truffles
    • Marketing (difficult without a ripe product)
    • Hunt the rabbits causing damage, or finish fencing improvements.