2023 Winter Truffle Season closed 3 weeks earlier than usual,
It's now frozen truffle until mid-Winter 2024
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Welcome to Yarra Valley Truffles

Located one hour from Melbourne, in volcanic red soil amongst the undulating hills of Victoria's Yarra Valley, and surrounded by vineyards, the cool climate is similar to the Perigord region of France from where the Black Winter Truffle (Tuber melanosporum) originates. Cold winters, warm summers and high rainfall of the Yarra Valley region are beneficial to both truffle and wine production.

Our truffiére is maintained organically, promoting a fully natural, healthy soil & environment. This fosters the delicate relationship between the truffle and tree, without interference from fertilisers or herbicides.

The truffiére was planted in 2006 and our first Truffles were found in 2011.
With observation and research into all aspects of truffle growing, the production of our truffiére has continued to expand each year.

2024 Season

  • ✔ September: 2023
    • Heavy pruning started
  • ✔October - November: Necessary work unperformed due to health and weather
  • ✔ December: Essential aeration and pruning hopefully underway again, or harvest will suffer like 2023 did
    Irrigation layout

2023 Season

2023 Truffle Season ran 17th June - 31st August

  • ✔ September - November 2022: Most orchard work prevented by very high rainfall,
    October 270mm, November 110mm, cold conditions meant slow spring growth for all farms in the region
  • ✔ December: Aeration and pruning. Dry conditions started, only 3 decent rainfalls midDec to midMarch
  • ✔ January 2023: Commencement of Irrigation (late). 20mm Rainfall
  • ✔February: Late signs of truffles in soil mid Feb. Irrigation. 30mm Rainfall
  • ✔March: Widespread truffle signs, some damage from the dry spell. 115mm Rainfall
  • ✔April: Removal of truffles damaged by rot or insects, and protection measures commenced. Current losses are quite acceptable. 111mm Rainfall
  • ✔May:
    • Final flush of truffles, and preparations for season
    • Monitoring development to determine season commencement date for properly ripe truffle. As always this will only appear once it is properly cold and frosty. 112mm Rainfall
  • ✔June:
    Season has commenced early-June. Hopefully the cold weather stays with us. Economic Climate will be an additional concern this year, {home cooked truffle dishes save money :) }
    • First few truffles 3rd June, full quality a few weeks later
      98mm Rainfall, luckily not as frequent as in 2022, truffles are still healthy.
  • ✔July-August Peak season, weather permitting
    • Harvest volume has increased dramatically post Solstice
    • 29th August, Online sales closed
    • Late Season, Good time for Truffle Hunts as it no longer impacts harvesting as much
    • Farmgate closed early this year, Regular customers are welcome to enquire, and we have frozen.
    • Season End was influenced by both weather factors and sales demand.
      • = It is an early Spring, and warm days in the final week of August have seen harvest plummet, and it probably won't recover
      • Historic drop in September demand makes it unworthwhile to implement any high loss, season extending measures.
    • OVERALL, the season saw great quality, but low yield {cold summer, lack of pruning, and an intentional reduction in labour invested (costs, health, market)}

2022 Season

2022 Truffle Season ran 21st June - 12th September 

{Post season note: Frequent rain throughout June reduced oxygen to truffles, as they were beginning to ripen. Very few large or deep truffles survived.}

  • ✔ September 2021: soil preparation, pruning, applying truffle spore to trees, etc.
  • ✔ October-November 2021: Cold & wet, better truffle weather than Winter 2021 was, but too late to be useful
  • ✔ December: Drought conditions 9mm Rainfall
  • ✔ January 2022: Commencement of Irrigation (late). 72mm Rainfall
  • ✔February: First signs of truffles in soil. Irrigation. 8mm Rainfall
  • ✔March: Widespread truffle signs, but protecting developing truffles left for later to reduce labour input. 82mm Rainfall
  • ✔April: Removal of truffles damaged by rot or insects, and protection measures commenced. Current losses are quite acceptable.
  • ✔May:Final flush of truffles, and preparations for season
  • ✔June: Started 21st June
    Season should commence mid-June. Climate will be a concern this year with forecast for warmer than average Winter which will significantly impact the quantity of properly ripe truffle. {cheap export/wild-harvest quality would be easy to achieve, but that is not our market}
  • ✔July-August Peak season
  • ✔SEPTEMBER: Supply and demand dropped rapidly in September

2021 Season

2021 Truffle Season ran 29th May - 27th September

An overall cool Summer, with plenty of rain has led to bountiful harvests in Vineyards and Orchards throughout the Yarra Valley.
The truffle harvest also looks to be plentiful, as long as we get the proper Winter weather required to fully ripen the truffle, with the cold to set the deep flavour and aroma.
{Post season note: Proper weather didn't eventuate, warm days/nights saw 80% of the crop never receive the conditions required to properly ripen! But it didn't matter much, Covid restrictions and lockdowns saw zero export, only few hospitality orders, and some initial direct/online consumer trade that vanished as the crisis|confidence situation worsened.}

  • ✔15-19th September:Soil aeration for 2022 season
  • October-November: Maintenance and preparation for 2022 season
  • ✔ December: Truffles start forming
  • ✔ January 2021: First signs of truffles in soil, Irrigation commences
  • ✔February: Hazelnut harvest/removal. Irrigation. protecting developing truffles.
  • ✔March: Soil improvement measures over past few years are yielding results, with less truffle requiring labour intensive protection measures. Feb/Mar only cursory effort was input for less than 10% loss so far.
  • ✔April: Removal of truffles damaged by rot or insects is essential for long term prospects, and protection measures will still be required. We also need to estimate sales potential this year with Covid impacting restaurants and export, likely below sustainability. We plan a retail focus this year, and are developing products which can use the rest of the harvest.
  • ✔May:
    • Final preparations for season
    • Monitoring development to determine season commencement date for properly ripe truffle
    • As always top quality will only appear once it is truly cold and frosty.
  • ✔June:
    Season commenced at start of June, quite early with strong frost and other factors coming into play.
    But, due to Covid Economy Breaker measures by Government, we can't open like most of the 2020 season, and are currently focusing on final harvest preparations instead.
    We still hold some hope for a 12th June farmgate opening, and possibly online from 7th if new online store and alternative delivery arrangements to AusPost are completed.
  • ✔mid-JUNE to 27th SEPTEMBER: Harvest season was severely impacted by lockdowns and travel restrictions. , opening 3 weekends.
    The Winter was too warm which exact start/finish is always determined by winter weather..