Truffle Hunt 2013 with Chateau Yering

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The hunt in conjunction with Chateau Yering was conducted with two separate groups. We were fortunate the rain held off until after the last bus left.

700g Victorian Truffle
700g Victorian Truffle

Both groups found a nice truffle, but the random nature of truffle harvesting was amply demonstrated by the day’s/year’s best truffle being unearthed after the final bus left! If only we’d gone to that tree first!

After covering the basics on truffiere establishment, truffle life cycle, and a few questions, each group got to experience first hand the aroma arising from the soil around a ripe truffle.

Unfortunately the first group’s truffle,  when unearthed,. proved to be only nice on top, with the remainder rotten, likely due to insect attack judging by a cavity inside.  An introduction for everyone to the woes of truffle growers, around 50% is unsaleable or outright rotten. The day was saved though with another truffle from a nearby tree which later proved to be 87grams.

The second group proceeded to a tree which trumped the earlier truffle, 240g with soil, later cleaning to 226grams.

700g -Photo by
700g Truffle -Photo by

Both of these truffles ended up in the kitchen for the evening’s meal where approximately 2kg of truffle was used for a wonderful range of dishes.

Post harvest questions were covered during pre-dinner drinks where everyone had a chance to smell and admire the 700g beauty

Truffle Hunt 2013 -Topic Outline.pdf A summary of topics covered during the hunt