Some of the good surface truffles

I’ve noticed that the focus of these blogs to date has been on the issues affecting the production of good truffles, bugs, damage etc. A summation of some of the good ones, and successful soil covered rescues seems in order.  So on today’s hunt I took the camera along, and since it has been raining already (a little extra water wont hurt), a squirt bottle to clean the tops of a few of the known ones for some photos.

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Ripe, overripe, underripe all in one pre-season truffle.

Truffles do not always ripeTruffle slices; underripe, ripe, overripen evenly, this photo has sections cut from a preseason truffle which usefully demonstrates typical colours from left to right, for tissue that is;  Under-ripe / Ripe / Over-ripe. Note the visible moisture, and dissappearance of veining on the over-ripe slices. (photographic grey card at left).


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