Truffle Growers Calculator.

Realising it would take a book to make my point, instead here’s a calculator.
If you don’t agree with my default numbers, {ALTER} them.

Our conclusion, we need enough customers that order truffles directly, at a decent price, with delivery by post or courier. It’s not possible to visit everyone, every week.

Calculator may only work on desktops. The default calculation shows that;
with a full time workload at $20/hour to achieve a minimum wage of $40,000 per year with a six week harvest season.
requires 34 sales of 100 grams, per week, at $2/gram, difficult to reach so many venues without them ordering, and unwilling to pay that much (until they see the quality) Lower prices, needs even more sales or <minimum wage.
or 9kg per week to a wholesaler at $750/kilogram, 54kg will not be achieved without full time work.

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