RIP Bear 2005-2015

Beloved friend, companion and canine son.
Bear 2005-2015

Our beloved family member and truffle dog Bear has suddenly passed away, Wed 3rd June 2015

He leaves a gap in our family but lives on in our hearts, and will also be remembered by the many who were charmed by him during hunts and demonstrations.

16/11/2005 – 3/5/2015

At nine and a half,  thinking in retrospect his health had been a bit variable over past 12 months, especially since his previous encounter and subsequent second lease on life, but he was definitely expected to see a few more seasons. He had slowed down a little, sometimes being disinclined to move from his leather couch, or spot in the sun, but had perked up considerably in recent weeks as he discovered the first hints of 2015 pre-season truffles with evident enjoyment.

Over the last few days, he enjoyed a brief relaxation of dietary restrictions, with a recently contribution to the dog food supply and had squirreled away tidbits, he was in party mode.

Always interested

Ever present while working in the orchard, he always displayed keen interest in everything, along with a proclivity to plant his posterior on whatever was being worked upon.  He was in the truffiére from Day One, and an integral part of the entire endeavour, we learned about truffle growing together.

Constant companion
Truffiere from day one to forever