Good Shepherds Charity Hunt

Today saw a charity truffle hunt for the winners of the Good Shepherds truffle hunt auction.

Despite being greeted by the return of winter and some chilling rain, a quarter of the truffiere was searched and saw not only a known 75gram truffle harvested, but a pair of siblings hiding nearby.  34grams and an extremely cute 3grams.

A couple of “I think theres a smell there” sites were revealed and another hazelnut has joined the ranks of producing trees with the top of an approximately 20g truffle discovered that is a few days into the ripening curve.  I’d estimate it being ready by next weekend at this stage, tho last weeks warm weather, and this weeks cold may alter whats been observed to date.

Addition: When the weather cleared for a bit in the afternoon, further investigation with Bear found a 13g truffle, in his inimitable style he wiped about a gram out of it with his “Its HERE!” swipe, perhaps I should get him wearing mittens when he hunts. Claws and close to surface truffles aren’t a great combination.  After this he decided it was too close to dinner time to do any more work, I’ll have to go over those trees again, as when  I asked him to check a spot, he was more inclined to just sit on it.