Not all mushrooms are wanted


Mushrooms around HazelI’ve been concerned for some time about small mushrooms appearing near the trees.  I’ve noted their presence ever since they were planted and they clearly came with the trees, first showing within the treeguards after a few months and spreading further each year.

Mushrooms around HazelThey are clearly fanning out in a ring from this tree. Surveying at end of April 2012 found them on at least 10% of the trees. (Approx 60 trees) The concern arises since out of these trees, only two had signs of brule.  Recent reading has led me to believe they are a Hebeloma species, which are known for competing with Tuber Melanosporum (Perigord Black Winter Truffle) even under the high pH conditions present in the truffiere.

Closeup, Mushrooms around Hazel The question is therefore are they preventing truffle growing on those trees by out competing them, or are they merely indicating there is no truffle present. Since the spreading fairy rings will soon encounter producing trees in some locations, this question needs an answer.