Welcome to Yarra Valley Truffles

Located in volcanic red soil amongst the undulating hills of Victoria's Yarra Valley, and surrounded by vineyards, the cool climate is similar to the Perigord region of France from where the Perigord Black Winter Truffle (Tuber melanosporum) gets its common name. Cold winters, warm summers and high rainfall of the Yarra Valley region are beneficial to both truffle and wine production. The truffiére was planted in 2006 and commenced initial production in 2011 at 5 years of age.

Our goal is to produce and market the highest quality truffles possible. Truffle located and judged under-ripe are noted for later retrieval and checked regularly. They are then classified with regard to our standards.

Although labour intensive, this approach ensures the truffles are unearthed at optimal quality. Additionally, the truffiére maintenance schedule promotes a fully natural, healthy soil & environment through mechanical pruning & slashing only. No fertilisers or herbicides are used.

2015 Season

With a few early truffles in late June, this season will run through July and August 2015)

Season definitely continuing strongly past mid August, with still a few located truffles yet to commence their ripening cycle, they should be ready near to September. -updated 9/8/15

Despite initial expectations of a cold start to winter leading to June truffles, there were only a few. The start of July saw the first reasonable weekly harvest, with production continuing to increase over the first three weeks.

A cool start to summer with sufficient rain kicked off the growth cycle well. February/March saw surface truffles start appearing and there was a 50% increase in the number of productive trees. There was also a nice harvest of hazelnuts.

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RIP Bear 2005-2015. Our beloved truffle dog {3/6/15}.

2014 Season

Was slow to start, and had very uneven production due to warm weather and a late start to Winter. 40% of season's harvest was taken in second half of August.

Delayed by warm June weather, production started slowly in July, and was sporadic with unpredictable weekly harvest amounts. The majority of the season's truffles were still in the ground at start of August. Mid August finally saw fresh discoveries at depth on new trees, (which normally occurs mid July). They were triggered to ripen by the first winter frost's at start of the August. As in previous years, a spell of warm weather closed the season, at the start of September.

2013 Season

Commenced positively in the first week of July with some wonderfully aromatic truffles including a magnificent 474 gram specimen. This was superseded some ten days later with the unearthing of a superb 700 gram truffle. Both were fully and evenly ripe with splendid aroma.

Production continued until late August, however several weeks of warm weather mid-season resulted in most truffles going to the compost bin in that period.

Overall there was less exposed surface truffle than 2012, and there was a 25% increase in the number of producing trees.

Previous Seasons 2011-13

Initial production commenced in 2011 at Year 5 with a couple of kilograms of saleable truffle, outweighed by rot/insect/surface damaged. The next few years saw an improvement in harvest amounts, with saleable yield approximately doubled each year for 2012/13/14. Different rot/damage issues with insects and weather presented each season, and there was continued improvement of both canine and human skills with both locating truffle & identifying optimal ripeness.