Truffle season still open...

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The main season for Black Winter Truffle in the Yarra Valley typically runs throughout both July & August.

Season end is approaching, 28 known truffles remain, with measures taken to protect against warm nights, these have reduced chance of surviving to full ripeness. A few will not be ripe for over two weeks, so with successful nurturing, they may make it to Father's Day. But any Father's Day truffles will be exclusively available to clients who have supported us in the past.
  • The past week of warm weather has had the expected negative impact on the late season truffles, with a return to cold weather end of this week, possibly helping any remainder.


We currently primarily wholesale to restaurants and through a few retailers, but we are also building a client base of private consumers.

Feel free to Contact Us regarding supply, preorder is preferable for fastest ground to kitchen delivery. This year Harvest will be throughout start of week for freshest possible truffle supply for end of week meals. It is also possible arrange same day harvest for ultimate farm to plate freshness for special events.

We are testing online sales for 2015 >40g, delivery via express post. Farm gate sales are only available to former truffle hunt guests, but we can meet at nearby cafe (great coffee) or coordinate a meeting for larger private orders.

For smaller amounts see retail outlets listed on sidebar.

NEXT HARVEST; 24,25th August, Final Commercial Harvest

Truffle beyond this date is reserved for a few regular customers, friends, & past truffle hunt guests.

  • This will also free some time for some scientific studies, including some current work with a mycologist.
  • It's finally time to get some cooking done, harvesting/marketing has consumed so much time each week there has been very little opportunity to actually enjoy truffle meals ourselves.
  • The past week of warm weather has had the expected negative impact on the final truffles.

Updated 9pm 24/8/15

HARVESTED; (unreserved and available)

  • First quarter of truffiere yielded some new truffles on 24th, yet to be cleaned/graded.

CONFIRMED;-(located, commenced ripening, but not yet ready)

  • 28 known truffles, 30 to 300g each, remain as season draws to a close over next week or two

POTENTIAL; (sites paw marked by dog, but not yet exposed, due to either total lack of aroma, or too slight to disturb yet)

  • There's still some truffles this week indicating at least two weeks until ready.
  • Lani the Truffle Dog may yet find a few previously unknown truffles, but this weekend's warm weather will make it unlikely they'll survive.
    • Several hundred were located prior to season start by visible surface soil disruptions, around half of these will survive to saleable quality.
    • Remainder will fall to rot, insects, frost, heat, or simply fail to reach sufficient quality for sale.
Not all truffles are detected early, deeper ones only make their presence known close to maturity when the dog can smell them, so the list above is only indicative of next harvest. Also any Time estimates of when a truffle will be ripe are approximate, ripening time varies by size, depth, location and weather.

2015 Observations

  • Weekly harvest continuing on 29th. Indications are this will be the first full weekly harvest for the season, it has been increasing since the start of July. 75% remaining to be harvested Wed
  • Extreme frost on 19,20th July. Ground stayed chilled for days, great truffle weather.
  • Weeks harvest slowed by weather, Survey on 13th, Harvest; 14-15th.
  • Marketing in Valley Friday 10th. Will also harvest further few later Friday for the TM festival on Saturday. Orders being taken, especially for past hunt guests.
  • 8th July harvest -Over a kg for delivery Yarra Valley today, 9th July
  • Several kg was in first half of truffiere 7th July harvest
  • Second week in progress, 16hrs harvest, clean, grade for first portion, a long day
  • First week of harvest saw 2.3kg of truffle finally harvested, it was great to finally eat some, especially after 430 hours of work to date this year
  • 30th June 1kg taken, more left for Wednesday 1 July
  • 23-29th June. All known truffles assigned ID numbers for tracking development {60hrs}

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