July 2015 will be the start of our next season.

The main season for Black Winter Truffle in the Yarra Valley typically runs through July & August.

February 2015 revealed many surface truffles, which is far earlier than previous seasons. This may lead to a June truffle supply, and that will be noted on this page along with observations on expected season start. Expressions of interest are welcome, but we cannot guarantee June supply, until the season has actually commenced.
The 2015 season outlook is looking great, with a 50% increase in productive trees to date -Apr 2015

Weekly monitoring has commenced, looking for indications of season commencement.

Feel free to Contact Us regarding supply, preorder is preferable for fastest ground to kitchen delivery. We normally harvest/deliver Wednesday/Thursday/Friday, but with advance notice we can harvest fresh truffle on other days.

We primarily wholesale to restaurants and retailers.

Private sales available for quantities >80g via delivery/meeting arrangements, during weekly delivery or at a local cafe. (We do not sell from farm gate.) For smaller amounts see retail outlets listed on sidebar.

Investigating providing an option of online sales for 2015.

NEXT HUNT; Currently monitoring for start of season indications.

HARVESTED; (unreserved and available)

  • summary of harvested truffles here
  • We do not have frozen truffles, nor "truffle products" such as oil.

CONFIRMED;-(located, commenced ripening, but not yet ready)

  • estimates of truffle expected to be ripe in next week's harvest

POTENTIAL; (sites paw marked by dog, but not yet exposed, due to either total lack of aroma, or too slight to disturb yet)

Not all truffles are detected early, deeper ones only make their presence known close to maturity when the dog can smell them, so the list above is only indicative of next harvest. Also any Time estimates of when a truffle will be ripe are approximate, ripening time varies by size, depth, location and weather.

Archived notes from the 2014 truffle season.

Archived notes from the 2013 truffle season.

Archived notes from the 2012 truffle season.