Next truffle season commences in July 2014

The main season for Victorian Black Winter Truffle typically runs through July & August.

Pre-season truffles in June tend to be half the quality and thrice the work to find. Please plan truffle dinners for peak season.

Feel free to Contact Us regarding supply, preorder is preferable for fastest ground to kitchen delivery.


HARVESTED; (unreserved and available)

CONFIRMED;-(located, commenced ripening, but not yet ready)

  • Several dozen near surface truffles already discovered, chance of these surviving to full ripeness is about 50%

POTENTIAL; (sites paw marked by dog, but not yet exposed, due to either total lack of aroma, or too slight to disturb yet)

Not all truffles are detected early, deeper ones only make their presence known close to maturity when the dog can smell them, so the list above is only indicative of next harvest. Also any Time estimates of when a truffle will be ripe are approximate, ripening time varies by size, depth, location and weather.

Previous 2013 truffle hunt observations will get archived, as it's of some interest regarding the progression of our season in the Yarra Valley.

The 2013 season concluded with a few hundred grams on 29th August and a final one taken 2nd September. A few stragglers expected reaching into September didn't eventuate, the final ripening spoiled by another spell of warm weather.

Archived notes from the 2013 truffle season.

Archived notes from the 2012 truffle season.