The main season for Black Winter Truffle in Victoria typically runs through July & August.

Some of the best truffle this season.

Feel free to Contact Us regarding supply, preorder is preferable for fastest ground to kitchen delivery. We normally harvest/deliver Thursday/Friday, but can arrange other times with advance notice.

We primarily wholesale to restaurants and retailers.

Private sales available for quantities >80g via delivery/meeting arrangements, during weekly delivery or at a local cafe. (We do not sell from farm gate.) For smaller amounts see retail outlets listed on sidebar.

NEXT HARVEST; Survey 24th, Harvest Tues 26th (&28th?)

Warm days will hopefully be countered by cold nights leading up to the next harvest as excess warmth will cause truffles to spoil.

HARVESTED; (unreserved and available)

  • 90g remaining, intending to eat, but willing to share
  • 21/8 4:45pm Wow, some great surprises today, Returning to harvest some located truffles before nightfall. It's like the season has just started recently, {I did mention its sporadic.}
  • Second pass over trees today 21st, because there's a chance of more deep truffles. Nothing definite, but one or two is likely.

CONFIRMED;-(located, commenced ripening, but not yet ready)

  • Several recently discovered ripening truffles are being protected from daytime warmth, anticipate harvest mid week

POTENTIAL; (sites paw marked by dog, but not yet exposed, due to either total lack of aroma, or too slight to disturb yet)

  • Two sites, clear smell of early stage truffle, yet unlocated
  • A few hard truffles, yet to show any indications of ripening, the odds of their survival are reducing.
Not all truffles are detected early, deeper ones only make their presence known close to maturity when the dog can smell them, so the list above is only indicative of next harvest. Also any Time estimates of when a truffle will be ripe are approximate, ripening time varies by size, depth, location and weather.

Previous 2014 truffle hunt observations listed below, as it's of some interest regarding the progression of our season in the Yarra Valley.

  • The expected flush of truffle corresponding to the cold spell around 21/22nd July eventuated this week. We also finally had proper frosts 3,4th August, which should lead to some further great truffles in time for the next demo hunt.

    (Lani the Lagotto would like to thank the rabbit that uncovered a now frostbitten 300g truffle with a dinner invitation...)

    7th August, Some truly wonderful truffles today, some great disappointments (spoiled/rotten) and a few identified ripening for next week. Need to evaluate outlook for remainder of season.

    6th August, identified some prime truffles for harvest tomorrow, but slow progress through truffiere today with several spoiled from unidentified causes, half the trees remain to be examined tomorrow.

    5th August, confirmed a few truffles for later this week, and disappointed by a couple >300g that were spoiled.

    4th August found another new tree while catching up on some mowing. There's now 20 newly producing trees for this season, 80 trees have/had a truffle in past four seasons (14% is fairly good for an 8 year old truffiere).

    31st Remaining half revealed another new producer, and several new truffles. Several potentially harvestable truffles left for Saturdays hunt or early next week as they will benefit from the extra time. Overall ripening is still a bit slower than expected, likely lingering effects of warm season start.
  • 24/7 Half the truffle harvested this week was newly discovered on previously producing trees. Bear is performing wonderfully, marking only nearly ripe truffle, and very gentle with the paw. Those just commencing ripening are indicated with only a sniff, no paw.
  • Hailstorm aborted Thurs 17/7 hunt, most truffles found matched to preorders, 1/3rd truffiére remaining to be checked tomorrow. Some reserved in ground as ripe for Saturday's Grossi Florentino truffle hunt.
  • Friday 11th harvest provided 654g, increasing production and anticipating full season levels next week. Already identifying potential Grossi Hunt truffles.
  • Thursday 10th Heavy rainfall overnight and all day has washed most aroma's into the soil, making locating ripe truffles very difficult. Majority of trees left for checking tomorrow morning after soil drains a little. Two new truffles found today and some others to be evaluated for harvesting tomorrow.
  • 2/7/14 Just a few truffles allocated for truffle hunt, harvesting Thursday & Saturday. Any excess prioritised for existing local customers.
  • 28/6/14 Several truffles checked today will be fully ripe this week. Bear found a new productive tree with two truffles at 6cm depth, so the soil profile has chilled nicely with past week's weather.
  • Preseason losses 3.6kg rotten (22 truff), 465g insect damage (12 truff), and 150g warm weather spoiled (one truff). Actually good news as it is a significantly lower % than previous seasons.
  • 23/6/14 Bear marked a nicely ripening truffle today, encouraging signs with colour and aroma reaching medium levels on a few others.
  • 11/6/14 Finally some frost. Some proper colour is starting to show, and a few enticing aromas, albeit on truffles removed due to insect damage and rot.
  • Monitoring with dogs throughout June to identify start of proper season.


Archived notes from the 2013 truffle season.

Archived notes from the 2012 truffle season.