About Us

Growing truffles in Melbourne's Yarra Valley, we utilise an environmental approach. Our belief is fostering the relationship between truffle and tree is the key to producing the most aromatic & flavoursome truffles, and that a premium product such as truffles should be fully natural. Therefore no chemical sprays or fertilisers are used, pruning, slashing, weed, insect and soil management is all carried out in line with organic practices.


Lani the Truffle Dog is current star of the team. Partly due to cuteness, and primarily due to her skills in locating properly ripe truffle.

Without the truffle dog, it's not quite impossible, but humans must resort to a lot of kneeling and inspecting of every pre-located truffle. This is not only tedious, but can result in long term injury.

Stuart -the human part of the team.

Utilising skills from a bachelors degree and some first year biology, he uses an observational and analytical approach to truffle growing. {ie. wastes a lot of time in pedantic observation, but resolves mysteries of truffle growing}

Research into all production aspects is an ongoing effort, both internal and collaborative.

Our team

truffle team
Truffle Dog "Lani" and owner Stuart Dunbar

Lani is our truffle dog, and key to locating the fully ripe truffles {and leaving the partially ripe ones for the next harvest}

Lani is a Lagotto Romagnolo, an Italian breed that goes back centuries. 
Originally gun dogs & water retrievers, they are high energy working dog, and are now regularly employed as truffle hounds in Italy.

Stuart studied biology, water science & computing during his science degree, and is finally putting the science skills to use. Continuous observation and research is improving his understanding of all things truffle, from truffiére through to kitchen & plate.